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October, 2013

How to fix GNOME Terminal cursor in awesome?

copy from http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/63949/how-to-fix-gnome-terminal-cursor-in-awesome I’m using awesome 3.4.11 on Ubuntu 13.04, and my default terminal is GNOME Terminal 3.6.1. After starting several terminals, it seems the cursor behavior gets disconnected from window focus in some of them: Doesn’t blink when the window has focus Blinks even when the window doesn’t have focus   bug report at here […]

VIRTUALBOX HIGH CPU USAGE PROBLEM SOLVED [Copy from others] virtualbox 虚拟机 xp cpu 占用 100%

终于解决了。。。。。事实告诉我们学好英语很重要哦 http://tech.shantanugoel.com/2009/07/07/virtualbox-high-cpu-usage-problem-solved.html A few days ago, I had to install Windows XP as a guest OS on my Ubuntu Hardy machine as I needed to carry out some Visual Studio work. What I noticed was that my CPU usage went through the roof (constantly at 100%) even if the guest was completely idle. Result: My […]